[Curricular] Curricular assessments form open until 06/26/2021 (included)


The curricular evaluation is the act/assembly where the subjects of each phase are definitively evaluated. It is at this time when it is decided what will happen to students who do not meet the conditions of permanence or compensation.

There are two curricular evaluations, one for the initial phase and one for the non-initial phase. They are normally carried out at the end of the course, but if you have passed all the subjects of the study plan during the first semester you can request an extraordinary curricular evaluation, you have to do it through the e-Secretary.

DAEC has two representatives with voice and without vote, the delegate of Centre and another representative, during this act. That is why if you find yourself in a situation that has to be defended in the evaluations, you must answer the form.

We recommend that before answering you take a look at our frequently asked questions, they will surely help you to know if it is necessary for us to defend you or if you will receive automatic compensation. https://daec.camins.upc.edu/preguntesfrequents/