Your university life began with the choice of the degree you wanted to study, and all of you made the brave decision to enroll in one of the bachelor’s or master’s degrees at the School of Civil Engineering.

As you know, academic life at the School is not easy. However, we all help each other to overcome this obstacle course that is university life with a very clear goal on the horizon: the graduation.

In DAEC we represent the students of the School of Civil Engineering and we organize ourselves with a horizontal structure. All the members participate as much as we can without imposing hours of dedication, since any collaboration is welcome. However, we have a few positions to work more efficiently and to delegate tasks.

To collaborate with DAEC you only have to contact any of the members, send us an email to or come and see us at the office 001 of the Omega building. You can attend any of the assemblies that we have on Wednesdays from 12:00h to 14:00h and this way you can see how we work and what’s on the agenda.