Every 8 March, the struggle of women are commemorated for their participation in society and their full development as a person, on an equal footing with man. This year to claim the fight for effective equality of rights for women, DAEC has organized different activities together with the lecture of the manifest:

11f – Women’s Day and girls in science.

On 11 February, we want to claim the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. On this great day, we wish to emphasize the importance of all the female references to science as well as engineering and to thank them for their passion and courage in getting into this world and for being an example to so many girls who are still going on today.

On the occasion of this day, DAT, the School of Paths, the School of Telecos, and the DAEC, have organised a series of activities:

25N 2022 – Elimination of the violence against women

Within the activities programmed by the 25N, jointly with the DAEC and the DAT, we have created an activity focused towards self-defense and protection . Join us the Friday 25th November in Plaça de les Constel·lacions and read the manifest with us. Later we will have a minute of silence for the elimination of violence against women.


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Entrevista a Clàudia Álvarez, enginyera de Camins, Canals i Ports.

Entrevista a Irene Josa, enginyera de Camins, Canals i Ports.

Entrevista a Margarita Martínez, doctora en Enginyeria de Camins, Canals i Ports.

Entrevista a Maribel Ortego, doctora en Matemàtica Aplicada.

Entrevista a Núria Pinyol, doctora en Enginyeria del Terreny.

Entrevista a Carmina Riera, enginyera de Camins, Canals i Ports.

Entrevista a Anna Serra, doctora en Física.

Entrevista a Míriam Villares, doctora en Geografia.

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