CASC Contest: Compilation of Class Notes for Students Support

1. Objective of the competition

The competition has been created with the aim of motivating students to collaborate with the Student Delegation regarding the deposit of academic support material (either with notes, books or exams from past years). ). In this way, it is possible to enlarge the digital library that is on the website of the Delegation, and which aims to make available to students various resources to prepare the assessments of the subjects. All notes published on the Delegation’s website must bear the name of the owner and bear a watermark.

2. Choice of winners and prizes

The winners will be chosen through the scoring of the contestants’ notes, the criteria of which are explained in point 3 of this document. The three contestants who get the highest score will be proclaimed winners of the contest, while the next five will be proclaimed finalists.

Winners and finalists will be announced on our website and social media, and will be notified in person via email.

The prizes that each of the winners and finalists will receive are as follows:

1st place:

  • Road School Backpack
  • UPC ampoule
  • UPC fee
  • UPC T-shirt

2nd place:

  • UPC ampoule
  • UPC fee
  • UPC T-shirt

3rd place:

  • UPC backpack
  • UPC ampoule
  • UPC fee

Finalists (5):

  • UPC fee
  • Bottle School of Roads

The prizes that will be received are the result of the collaboration between the Student Council and UPCshop, with the aim that the merchandising products are distributed among the students through various campaigns carried out by the delegations of the various UPC centers.

The award ceremony will take place at the end of the academic year in the office of the delegation.

3. Scoring criteria for notes

The decision of the winners and finalists is made according to the contribution of material, based on the following scoring criteria:

Theory notes
0-39 pages by hand /0-29 on computer2 points
40-99 pages by hand/30-69 on computer3 points
+100 pages by hand/+70 on computer4 points
Evaluationswith resolution3 points
Taula 1. Basic scoring criteria

Apart from the scoring criteria explained in table 1, the presentation of the notes will also be taken into account, which can add or subtract up to 1 point per file sent. In this sense, the presentation of the notes is understood as the use of various colors, fonts, etc. that help in understanding the content.

Special attention will also be paid to the clarity of the letter. If this is difficult to understand, up to 1 point per file sent may be penalized.

Finally, the notes of subjects that are not yet on the DAEC website will be valued at 1 extra point per file sent.

The Delegation undertakes to keep the score of the contestants updated at all times and to develop a means of transparency for their consultation that does not violate their privacy.

4. Delivery of notes

The notes will be delivered using the following form:

This form will ask for the basic details of the contestants, will ask for the consent of the authors to publish the notes on our website and will include a section where you can upload up to 10 files of 10GB each.

The files must be submitted in PDF format and the name of the file must be the name of the subject (or the topic, if only a specific part of the subject is delivered) that contains that file. It is absolutely essential that all sheets submitted bear the name of the contestant.

Unlike other editions, physical notes may not be received at the Delegation’s office for health reasons.

5. Deadlines

The deadlines will be announced on the Delegation’s social networks and on the website.

6. Disqualification from the competition

The Delegation reserves the right to disqualify one of the participants if it ignores the rules and/or its spirit and to change the rules of the competition for serious reasons that make its correct development unfeasible.