The School Board

The School Board, is the highest representation of the School, it’s in charge of ensuring a proper functioning of the school. It is made up of 100 members representing all sectors: PDI (Teachers and researchers), PAS (Administration staff) and EGM (Students). The students have 23 elected representatives plus the Students Delegate, which gives a decision power of almost 25%.

The functions of the School Board are:

  • Approval and proposals of new degrees
  • Approval of new curriculums
  • Approval of academic and evaluation regulations
  • Approval of the teaching staff
  • Approval of the School’s annual budget


That is why we encourage all those students, who are interested, in these and many other activities, to participate in the representation of students and to get in touch with DAEC.

Besides  from the School Board, there is the Permanent Commission, a smaller body conformed by 31 people (of which 7 are students), given the difficulty of bringing 100 people together, this commission is in charge of more urgent matters.