[Direction] Information regarding final exams Q1-20/21

Dear students,

I hope you and your families are in good health and have been able to enjoy the holidays a bit, although the health situation has forced all of us to celebrate Christmas differently. We are still very concerned about the health situation and working to ensure that it does not affect our academic activity too much. I sincerely hope that we all have a better 2021 and that the effort you are making to follow the classes, mostly in a face-to-face format, will pay off.

We received an e-mail from the Rector this week indicating that, up to date, the UPC maintains the measures planned for the end-of-term exams, and with indications for correct mobility.

The measures and restrictions due to the COVID-19 currently announced restrict the entry and exit of each municipality from 7th to 16th of January, with exceptions that must be duly justified, such as attendance at examinations in university centers. In this sense, students who have to prove the reason for their trip during the exam period must bring the following three documents:

1) Certificate of self-responsibility. You can find it at:


Choose the option “Statement for journeys inside and outside the municipality” and then “Attendance at colleges, teachers and schools, including preschool.”

2) Certificate of enrollment obtained at e-secretaria


Follow this path: Certificates / Request Certificate / New Application /Type of certificate: Other / Registration certificate

3) Certificate of attendance at a face-to-face assessment activity (exam). You will find this certificate posted on the ATENEA of your courses in the case of face-to-face exams.

We also attach the protocol and recommendations to follow for the face-to-face exams. Please read the document carefully and follow the protocol for the safety of all.

Classrooms will be open 10 minutes before the start of the exam. Students must wait outside the building until 10 minutes before the exam. The teacher will indicate the classroom that corresponds to each student in the event that there is more than one classroom for the exam. We ask you to avoid crowds of students at both entrances and exits.

Punctuality is required. Admission to the classroom will not be allowed once the exam has begun.

Since the exams will open doors and windows to encourage air renewal, we recommend that you provide appropriate clothing at the temperature of this time of year.

In the event that an exam is done face-to-face and a student cannot attend due to being confined or for any other justified reason, they must notify the professor responsible for the subject and communicate it to covid.camins@upc.edu (positive, pending PCR, quarantine …) documenting it in the best possible way, to monitor the situation and activate alternative measures. The professor responsible for the subject must decide in each case how to adapt the evaluation of the affected students in the same way as he would in case of any illness that occurred.

The option of taking the test remotely to students who cannot attend in person is only one of the possible options; it is not in any case an obligation of the teacher or a right of the student. Other mechanisms for adaptation to the situation may be established, if academically they do not affect the quality of the evaluation.

Students who, despite being confined, attend the exam in person would incur a very serious misconduct that endangers the health of other classmates and teachers. If such cases were detected, they would motivate the opening of files at the University and the intervention of the relevant authorities.

In the event that a student has more than one exam in different modalities on the same day (face-to-face / remote) and does not have time to travel to be able to take the remote tests from home, he / she may request to the concierge at building C1 to open one of the classrooms  prepared for that situation.

Best regards­

Esther Real

Directora de l’Escola de Camins

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