School Open Day
(Jornades d’Escola)

Is the day that the students of the School of Civil Engineering (ETSECCPB) can see how their degree works all around Catalonia, and see how it goes out of the class. That’s the reason why from DAEC, we organize visits and excursions to buildings, infrastructures,etc around Catalonia so the engineer can see that what he/she is studying is not only theoretical or abstract, neither some random formulas and models; rather than a practice which improves the quality of life of the citizens. Apart of the practice in the field, there’s also a bunch of workshops which a group of companies organize with the aim of complementing what you learn in class.

Cultural Day
(Dia Cultural)

Usually called “Civil Engineering Party”, the Cultural Day is a school day which has the aim of the school getting together and have fun all together. It’s designed so you can hang out with your classmates in a ludic space at the Civil Engineering Roundabout.

These day consists on leaving the notebooks and Atenea aside and let it flow with the music and environment. DAEC and all the students associations, organize activities such as the “Flan throwing” or the “Bridge Contest”, so this day becomes unforgettable throughout all your exchange in the school.

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